Software and Marketing company

software company


Software and Marketing company


Marketing and software company


In order to help you to perform your company management, we develop secured solutions on demand.
We imagine powerfull and innovative solutions with full functionnalities integrated to your information system organisation.

Specialized in Games, Exchanges, Search and Internet paiements, we offer full solution with Front, Middle, and Back Office management modules.

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Minibluff game


Personalized email address.


French Domain names are support of "shared" personal names, we allow multiple users to have simple, memorable email addresses, such as, all sharing the same domain name.


Internet marketing research


Keywords analysis is based on "words association" Yung test.
Expert System uses psychometrics models to measure, calibrate and estimate data involved in processus.


Web sites and services monetization softwares allow you to : 
- acquire geographical & thematic targetted traffic.
- monetize traffic 


The way we work


Every great software starts with a great idea and needs a robust strategy to turn it into a reality.

Our rigorous testing process will ensure your software performs brilliantly on release. No bugs, just features.

Promote your software with strategic marketing and monitor user feedback to incorporate positive refinements.